Jowar Flour Gulab Jamun

Ingredients: EatMillet Jowar flour-100g ,maida-100g,panner-100g, Khoa-200g ,Baking soda-2g ,Milk-100ml, Sugar-100g, Cardamom-5g, Vegetable oil- for deep frying


  • Smash paneer & Khova nicely
  • Add EatMillet Jowar flour & maida to this, along with cooking soda.
  • Make soft batter like chapatti
  • Keep aside for 15 mins.
  • Make small balls with this & deep fry till golden brown on low fire.
  • Make sugar syrup with sugar & Little water.
  • Add fried sorghum & khova balls, keep aside till soft.
  • Serve plain or with ice cream

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